Financial Oversight and Investment Committee

Composition:  This committee consists of the President, the President-elect or Past President, the Treasurer, the Executive Director (ex-officio) and up to two additional members appointed by the President for a four year term and approved by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer is chair of the committee.

Charge: Provide oversight of AWM’s financial affairs and suggest potential strategies for generating additional revenue. The committee acts in a fiduciary capacity with respect to AWM’s investment Portfolio and is accountable to the Executive Committee (EC) of the Association, for overseeing the investment of all assets owned by, or held in trust for the Portfolio.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact the AWM Executive Director:!

Committee Name Member Name Committee Term
Financial Oversight Raegan Higgins 2/1/24 – 1/31/28
Financial Oversight Mary Shepherd 6/6/19 – 1/31/28
Financial Oversight Talitha Washington 2/1/22 – 1/31/26
Financial Oversight Darla Kremer Executive Director