Gweneth Humphreys Award Selection Committee

Composition: The selection committee consists of three members on staggered three year appointments.  The chair of the committee is the member serving in their third year.

Charge: To select a mathematics teacher (of any gender) who has encouraged female undergraduate students to pursue mathematical careers and/or study of mathematics at the graduate level. The committee will write the award citation to be included in the Joint Prize Session at JMM. The  committee will communicate decisions and citation to the President, Executive Director, and the Managing Director.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact the AWM Executive Director:!

Committee Name Member Name Committee Term
Gweneth Humphreys Committee Mary Riegel (Chair) 2/1/23 – 1/31/26
Gweneth Humphreys Committee Emily Sergel 2/1/24 – 1/31/27
Gweneth Humphreys Committee Jessica Sorrells 2/1/24 – 1/31/25