Louise Hay Award Selection Committee

Composition: The selection committee consists of three members on staggered three year appointments. The chair of the committee is the member serving in her/his third and final year.

Charge: The committee is charged to identify and select a woman who has made outstanding achievements in any  area of mathematics education, to be interpreted in the broadest sense possible. In addition, the committee is charged to write the Award Citation to be included in the Joint Prize Session booklet for JMM; the citation is limited to 250 words. The committee communicates decisions and citations to the President, Executive Director, and Managing Director.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact the AWM Executive Director:!

Committee Name Member Name Committee Term
Louise Hay Award Committee Brooke Ernest 2/1/12 – 1/31/25
Louise Hay Award Committee Megan Wawro 2/1/21 – 1/31/24
Louise Hay Award Committee Ke Wu 2/1/23 – 1/31/26