Mentor Network Committee

Composition: This committee has seven members. Each committee members serves as Mentor Network Coordinator on a rotating basis.

Charge: The network links mentors (both men and women) with women from various groups: recent Ph.D.’s, graduate students, undergraduates, high school and grade school students, and teachers.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact the AWM Executive Director:!

Committee Name Member Name Committee Term
Mentor Network Jesse Adams 2/1/22 – 1/31/25
Mentor Network Prerona Dutta 2/1/24 – 1/31/27
Mentor Network Kuei-Nuan Lin (Chair) 2/1/21 – 1/31/27
Mentor Network Omayra Ortega 8/1/18 – 1/31/25
Mentor Network Jessica OShaughnessy 8/1/17 – 1/31/26
Mentor Network Karen Saxe 2/1/23 – 1/31/26
Mentor Network Monica Stevens 2/1/22 – 1/31/25