Sonya Kovalevsky Lecture Selection Committee

Joint with SIAM

Composition:  A joint selection committee from AWM and SIAM consisting of four members with staggered terms of two years will review the nominations. Two members will be appointed by AWM and two by SIAM. The chair of the committee will be in the second and final year of service on the committee and will rotate between the AWM and the SIAM appointed members.

Charge:  The committee will choose a lecturer who must be approved by both AWM and by SIAM, as well as agree to give the talk. The following procedure is recommended. The committee chooses a winner and an alternate, but gives only the name of the winner to AWM and SIAM for approval. If the first person declines, then the committee chair gives the second name to AWM and SIAM. The committee should prepare a brief citation (with bio). This should be done at the time the winner’s name is sent to AWM and SIAM for approval.

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Committee Name Member Name Committee Term
Sonya Kovalevsky Committee  (SIAM) 2/1/24 – 1/31/26
Sonya Kovalevsky Committee

Alina Chertock (Chair) (AWM)

2/1/23 – 1/31/25
Sonya Kovalevsky Committee Claudia Falcon (AWM) 9/15/23 – 1/31/26
Sonya Kovalevsky Committee  Judy Hill (SIAM) 2/1/23 – 1/31/25