Julia Robinson Celebration of Women in Mathematics Conference at MSRI

July 1 – 3, 1996

This conference was held in honor of the late logician, Julia Robinson, and was part of the 25th anniversary celebration of AWM. The goals of the celebration were: to showcase the recent achievements of women in mathematics, to facilitate networking among women in various fields of mathematics, to provide role models and offer mentoring for beginning women mathematicians, and to reach out to area teachers and students. The Celebration was a two and a half day conference held July 1-3, 1996, at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) in Berkeley, California. All mathematicians were invited to attend.

Plenary Lectures were delivered by:

  • Andrea Bertozzi (Duke University)
  • Lenore Blum (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute)
  • Joan Feigenbaum (AT&T)
  • Joyce McLaughlin (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
  • Linda Rothschild (University of CaLifornia, San Diego)
  • Vera Serganova (University of California, Berkeley)
  • Lesley Sibner (Polytechnic University of New York)
  • Abby Thompson (University of California, Davis)
  • Susan Tolman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Tatiana Toro (University of Chicago/University of Washington, Seattle)
  • Carol Wood (Wesleyan University).
  • Constance Reid was the keynote speaker at the Tuesday Banquet (complete transcript of talk appeared in the Sept-Oct 1996 issue of the Newsletter)

Workshops During the Conference

  • “Looking for a job” will be a series of sketches following a candidate from application to acceptance. The audience will have opportunities to give their thoughts and suggestions to the candidate.
  • At “Grant writing,” participants who receive conference funding will write sample proposals. Groups will be formed to discuss the proposals and talk about what makes a good proposal.

Panels During the Conference

  • “Non-academic careers,” women working in government, finance, industry, etc.
  • “Academic careers,” a mathematician’s life in various types of colleges and universities, with and without graduate programs, state, private, urban, and small-town colleges.

Poster Session

There were 66 posters presented by graduate students and junior faculty.

See the September-October 1996 issue of the Newsletter for the President’s Report on the conference by Chuu-Lian Terng as well as the transcript of Constance Reid’s keynote address and many wonderful photos from the conference.