Jordana O'Brien, Rochester Institute of Technology
Authors: Jordana O'Brien, Kara Maki, Jennifer O'Neil
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Early Career Researchers in Mathematical Biology and Differential Equations [Organized by Rayanne Luke, Sarah Strikwerda, and Prajakta Bedekar]

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading respiratory disease in infants and young children. Jet nebulizers, which deliver aerosolized drugs to the lung, are commonly used to treat RSV. However, they are ineffective at delivering drug to the lower pediatric lung. A combination of factors leads to this inefficiency, including smaller airways, lower tidal breathing, and behavioral effects (i.e., crying). These factors are largely overlooked, with current treatment guidelines adapted from adult lung studies. With the long-term goal of designing a nebulizing device suitable for infants and toddlers, we develop a lung deposition model that can adapt to various age groups. Experimental deposition studies for pediatric populations are limited, thus, we start by modeling deposition in the adult lung. In this talk, we present a particle deposition model that couples respiratory mechanics with particle dynamics. We show that our predictions match published adult deposition trends, both experimental and theoretical.

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