Dr. Claire Gibbons and Dr. Emerald Stacy, Pierce College Puyallup and Washington College
Authors: Dr. Claire Gibbons and Dr. Emerald Stacy
2022 AWM Research Symposium
Contributed Talk

Beginning in Spring 2020, we stepped away from traditional exams and collaboratively developed the concept portfolio assessment with the aim of creating a more equitable learning experience for students. Since then, we have implemented this model of assessment in courses from Pre-Calculus through Number Theory as faculty at a community college and a small liberal arts college. For the concept portfolio, students choose a subset of the topics covered in the course and synthesize the topics by providing a summary and annotated examples. The portfolio is completed iteratively where students submit rough drafts and engage in peer review. During this talk, we will share our motivation to design an equitable alternative to exams, compare and contrast our implementations of the concept portfolio assessment, and discuss student feedback.

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