Irene M Duranczyk, University of Minnesota
Authors: Irene Duranczyk, Vilma Mesa, Laura Watkins, Mary Beisiegel, Patrick Kimani, and April Ström
2022 AWM Research Symposium
Research on the First Two Years of College Mathematics

Validating Measures of Quality Instruction (Mesa et al., 2020-2023) is a collaborative NSF research project with university researchers and community college faculty. This presentation will discuss the history and development of an instrument to measure mathematical knowledge for teaching college algebra at the community college level. We will identify the focal constructs of mathematical knowledge for teaching observed in a national pilot study with a stratified sample of instructors representative of 120 community colleges in the United States. This will be followed by an overview of how this instrument will be refined over the next year. We anticipate that the final instrument to be used in studies to corroborate the link between observational data of quality instruction and community college student performance in college algebra courses. Attention to equity and inclusion was integral to the process. Reference: Mesa, V., Watkins, L., Duranczyk, I., Beisiegel, M., Kimani, P., and Ström, A. (2020). Algebra instruction at community colleges: Validating measures of quality instruction (AI@CC 2.0). National Science Foundation (EHR #2000602, 2000644, 2000527, 2000566).

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