Kara Maki, Rochester Institute of Technology
Authors: Lucia Carichino, Kara L. Maki, and David S. Ross
2022 AWM Research Symposium
Mathematical Modeling of the Eye: A Window to Our Health

About one in ten Americans wears contact lenses, however discomfort and dryness are the main reasons why individuals stop wearing contact lenses. To study contact lens discomfort, we investigate the interactions between the contact lens and the eye. We propose a mathematical model to quantify the deformability of the eye when a contact lens is inserted onto the eye. The lens is modeled as a thin, axially symmetric, linearly elastic shell that conforms to the eye shape. The eye is modeled as a homogenous, isotropic, axially symmetric, linear elastic material. The eye and the lens are coupled non-linearly via the suction pressure under the lens. Using our mathematical model, we explore the effects of contact lens wear on ocular health by estimating stresses and strains in ocular tissue for different contact lens designs.

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