Skylyn Irby, The University of Alabama
Authors: Skylyn Irby
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Pure and Applied Talks by Mathematicians Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) [Organized by Quiyana M. Murphy and Sofía Martínez Alberga]

There are many ways that institutions of higher learning aim to address attrition rates and lack of diversity in STEM. Studies show that sense of belonging in mathematics may impact students’ desire to persist in STEM. Summer bridge programs are one resource used to improve retention in STEM by helping students become acclimated to STEM in college. This project aims to explore how summer bridge programs impact the mathematics sense of belonging and mathematics identity of underrepresented students pursuing STEM degrees. This study investigates potential differences in bridge program participants' identities and feelings of belonging in mathematics between the start and end of the summer bridge program. The bridge participants will complete surveys about their sense of belonging in mathematics and mathematics identity. Interview and survey data from the bridge participants will be analyzed to explore the change in students’ sense of belonging in mathematics and mathematics identity over the course of the summer bridge program.

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