Kelly Jabbusch, University of Michigan - Dearborn
Authors: Carolina Araujo, Roya Beheshti, Ana-Maria Castravet, Kelly Jabbusch, Svetlana Makarova, Enrica Mazzon, Libby Taylor and Nivedita Viswanathan
2022 AWM Research Symposium
WiAG: Women in Algebraic Geometry

Fano manifolds are complex projective manifolds having positive first Chern class. The positivity condition on the first Chern class has far reaching geometric and arithmetic implications, making Fano manifolds a central subject in modern algebraic geometry. For instance, Fano manifolds are covered by rational curves, and families of Fano manifolds over one dimensional bases always admit holomorphic sections. In recent years, there has been great effort towards defining suitable higher analogues of the Fano condition, and higher Fano manifolds are expected to enjoy stronger versions of several of the nice properties of Fano manifolds. For instance, they should be covered by higher dimensional rational varieties, and families of higher Fano manifolds over higher dimensional bases should admit meromorphic sections (modulo Brauer obstruction). In this talk, I will propose a possible notion of higher Fano manifolds in terms of positivity of higher Chern characters, and describe special geometric features of these manifolds. I will give examples of such higher Fano manifolds and discuss conjectural characterizations of projective spaces and complete intersections in terms of these higher Fano conditions.

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