Adaline De Chenne, New Mexico State University
Authors: Adaline De Chenne
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Math for All Special Session [Organized by Robyn Brooks, Swati Patel, and Padi Fuster]

Counting problems in combinatorics can be challenging to learn. There has been a push in the combinatorics education literature towards reasoning structurally about the objects being counted in order to identify, justify, and verify solutions to problems. This approach is problematized by a sparsity of institutional notation to represent those objects, yet students circumvent this difficulty by creating their own representations. What results can be a body of diverse, interconnected, non-institutional systems of representations students draw from to reason combinatorially. My work seeks to characterize these representations, document their roles in solutions, and understand the cognitive mechanisms of their use. I actively avoid a deficit perspective in my approach, and I seek to legitimize non-institutional representations by demonstrating how they can enrichen student understanding and contribute to combinatorial facility.

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