Heather Zinn Brooks, Harvey Mudd College
Authors: Lihong Zhao, Ruby Kim, Lucy S. Oremland, Mukti Chowkwale, Lisette G. de Pillis, and Heather Z. Brooks
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Promoting children's and women's health with mathematical and computational approaches [Organized by Karin Leiderman and Anna Nelson]

We review the current state-of-the-art in mathematical modeling of the menstrual cycle. We compare and contrast different modeling choices and the benefits and limitations of various models. We investigate the sensitivity of these models to variations in parameter values, highlighting that these models display particular sensitivity to the growth rate of the reserve pool of follicular stimulating hormone. We also describe the incorporation of time delays in the model equations and discuss the ways in which these delays reflect the biological system and impact the dynamics. We explore the qualitative effects that introducing exogenous hormones into these models plays on inducing a contraceptive state. Through our comparative study of these models, we are able to highlight important areas of future work in the mathematical modeling of hormonal contraception and the menstrual cycle.

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