Angela Robinson, NIST
Authors: Danielle Middlebrooks, Angela Robinson
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Panels, Roundtables, and Other Events

The Math Research in Government and Government Labs panel is dedicated to raising awareness of the opportunities for mathematicians throughout government. Students and researchers are often unaware of the myriad career paths within government labs that involve mathematical research. The panel will discuss many areas of mathematics - including cryptography, topological data analysis, combinatorics, and control theory - and explore opportunities to make an impact. This will broaden the conversation about research opportunities in government for mathematicians which will benefit students and those in the position of advising students.

Dr. Emma Cohen, Center for Communications Research
Dr. Fariba Fahroo, United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Dr. Danielle Middlebrooks, National Institute of Standards and Technology
TBA, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Dr. Angela Robinson, National Institute of Standards and Technology

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