Sarah McCarthy, University of Waterloo
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Post-Quantum Cryptography [Organized by Ryann Cartor and Angela Robinson]

With a cryptographically relevant quantum computer likely expected within 20 years, and very likely within 30 years (Quantum Threat Timeline Report 2022), it is never too soon to consider transitioning widely deployed technologies to a quantum-secure environment. In addition, one must consider those technologies which are still under development. One such infrastructure is that of vehicular communications. Existing protocols, such as the IEEE 1609.2 standard, are not designed to support PQ algorithms, and as applications become more sophisticated, such as truck platooning, or time-sensitive, such as emergency braking warnings, bespoke solutions will be required. This talk reviews the state of the art in vehicular communications, and details relevant projects the presenter is involved with.

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