Matt Sammons, Metron, Inc.
Authors: Matt Sammons, Brooke Ogrodnik
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Panels, Roundtables, and Other Events

In academia and industry, one needs to be able to concisely explain their work and its relevance. We often practice formal communication techniques in preparation for research talks, posters, and publications. However, honing informal or impromptu discussions is often neglected. Interviewing and networking highlight the importance of being able to translate ideas to non-mathematicians. Curating and delivering a short “elevator pitch,” a 60 second preview of an individual’s passion for a subject, are essential skills used throughout professional settings.
The first session will include a round table conversation about job hunting and networking statistics (see diversity) in addition to guidance on how to structure a pitch. Participants would be tasked with drafting their pitches with the expectation to present at the second session. The second session will primarily focus on sharing pitches and receiving feedback.

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