Christina Edholm, Scripps College
Authors: Christina Edholm, Maryann Hohn, Ami Radunskaya
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Panels, Roundtables, and Other Events

The divisions between academia, government, and industry careers can seem stark. We aim to discuss these workplace environments and create transparency in the process of moving between them. We plan to have a group of individuals from various career areas and stages to encourage an open discussion and a chance to ask personal questions about culture, pathways, and representation in each area.
Possible topics:
- Type of workplace culture at each type of institution such as the type of support provided by the institution (other support groups similar to AWM or whatnot)
- How people move from one type of institution (gov, ind, acad) to another
- Being underrepresented in the workplace
This session is open to all career stages and encourages everyone to bring their own questions and topics. We plan to establish discussion norms to ensure a productive and protected space, allowing for more open sharing of ideas and stories.

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