Maila Hallare, Norfolk State University
2022 AWM Research Symposium
Contributed Talk

Norfolk State University (NSU) is currently the only HBCU member in a national consortium called SUMMIT-P: Synergistic Undergraduate Mathematics via Multi-institutional Interdisciplinary Teaching Partnership. Stemming from work begun by the MAA’s Curriculum Renewal Across the First Two Years (CRAFTY) project, the goal of SUMMIT-P is to improve the curriculum for lower division undergraduate mathematics courses through interdisciplinary partnerships. At NSU, faculty from engineering and mathematics departments worked together to develop innovative teaching modules to effect change in our undergraduate engineering curriculum with a particular focus in our pre-calculus, calculus, and differential equations courses. In this talk, I will share three classroom-tested examples of engineering applications-based teaching modules developed by the SUMMIT-P team: (1) strengthening graphical analysis skills through ECGs (biomedical engineering), (2) using Laplace transforms to solve wireless power transfer systems (electrical engineering), and (3) data-fitting to compute refractive indices of materials (optical engineering).

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