Sarah Frei, Rice University
Authors: Sarah Frei, Katrina Honigs
2022 AWM Research Symposium
WiAG: Women in Algebraic Geometry

The middle cohomology of hyperkahler fourfolds of Kummer type was studied by Hassett and Tschinkel, who showed that a large portion is generated by cycle classes of fixed loci of symplectic involutions. In recent joint work with Katrina Honigs, we study hyperkahler fourfolds over arbitrary fields which are constructed as fibers of the Albanese map on moduli spaces of stable sheaves on an abelian surface. We have extended the results of Hassett and Tschinkel and characterized the Galois action on the cohomology. We do this by giving an explicit description of the symplectic involutions on the fourfolds.

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