Omayra Ortega, Sonoma State University
Authors: Ron Buckmire, Joseph E. Hibdon, Jr., Drew Lewis, Omayra Ortega, Jose L. Pabon, Rachel Roca, Andres R. Vindas-Melendez, Sam Zhang
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Pure and Applied Talks by Mathematicians Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education (EDGE) [Organized by Quiyana M. Murphy and Sofía Martínez Alberga]

We present examples of the application of quantitative techniques, tools, and topics from mathematics and data science to the mathematics community itself. Using research and data about Ph.D.-granting institutions in the United States first published by Wapman, Zhang, Larremore and Clauset (Nature, 2022), we quantify, document, and highlight inequity in departments at U.S. institutions of higher education producing Ph.D’s in the mathematical sciences. We introduce the terms “#MetaMath” and “the mathematics of Mathematics” for this project, explicitly building upon the growing, interdisciplinary field known as the “Science of Science” in order to interrogate, investigate, and identify the mathematical sciences itself. We seek to enhance social justice in the mathematics communities by providing examples of the ways in which the mathematical sciences fails to meet standards of equity, equal opportunity and inclusion. Simultaneously, our goal is to rebut, refute, and resist the idea that the mathematical sciences in the United States is a meritocracy by using data and analysis to support our results. We aim to promote, provide, and posit sources of productive collaborations and we invite interested researchers to contribute to this developing body of work

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