Mckenzie West, University of WIsconsin-Eau Claire
Authors: Heidi Goodson, Allechar Serrano López, Mckenzie West
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Rethinking Number Theory [Organized by Deewang Bhamidipati, Eva Goedhart, and Amita Malik]

An important part of the Rethinking Number Theory workshops is providing the space, opportunity, and conversational prompts to discuss ways in which the mathematical community can be made more inclusive. We ask for examples of positive experiences alongside conversations that challenge the norms of the mathematical community. In this talk, we will hold a shortened version of a rethinking session on the topic of supportive collaboration experiences. Attendees will be asked to think on and discuss: (1) what are some examples of positive collaboration experiences you have had? (2) what are some things more senior mathematicians can do to make research collaboration more welcoming? (3) how does a welcoming research collaboration begin?

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