Maila Hallare, United States Air Force Academy
Authors: Maila Hallare
2023 AWM Research Symposium
Multiscale modeling for preclinical and clinical oncology [Organized by Maureiq Ojwang' and Chengyue Wu]

Cancer research funding continues to grow because cancer research saves lives. Undergraduate students who have completed an introductory course in ODEs can contribute towards this worldwide goal of understanding how cancer spreads in the body and how cancer may be controlled. In this talk, I will share research projects where students use mathematical modeling to investigate cancer growth and treatment. The models consist of nonlinear differential equations that consider cancer growth, natural and adaptive immune response of the body, and several cancer treatment options such as virotherapy, radiotherapy, immuno-therapy. Elementary investigation techniques that include equilibrium computations, stability analysis, and parameter sensitivity analysis reveal complex dynamical behavior and interaction among these variables. Students received mentorship on mathematical modeling and gained experience on the research process over a few months.

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