The AWM Fellows Program

I am very happy to announce the 2020 list of new AWM fellows. We recognize these individuals for their exceptional dedication to increasing the success and visibility of women in mathematics. Please join me in honoring the 2020 AWM Fellows at the AWM Reception and Awards Presentation as part of the JMM in Denver at our new time Thursday, January 16, 2020 from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. 

– Ruth Haas, AWM President

2020 Class of AWM Fellows

Margaret Bayer, University of Kansas

For her far-reaching work on the combinatorics and geometry of polytopes; for a long record of successfully mentoring, advising, and supervising women in mathematics at all levels; and for her service to AWM and the profession.

Joan S. Birman, Barnard College, Columbia University

For her groundbreaking research connecting diverse fields, and for her award-winning expository writing; for continuously supporting women in mathematics as an active mentor and a research role model; and for sponsoring multiple prize initiatives for women.

Petra Bonfert-Taylor, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

For her work as a U.S. liaison and in web creation and management for the IMU’s Committee on Women in Mathematics; for development and study of programs building inclusivity in STEM; and for becoming an example of broadening research interests, by adding research in medical imaging to work in complex analysis.

Susanne C. Brenner, Louisiana State University

For being a role model nationally and internationally due to her widely-known work in finite element methods; for her promotion of women in mathematics via the Women in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing network, as mentor of Ph.D.s, and as advisor of graduate and undergraduate students.

Jennifer Chayes, Microsoft Research

For pioneering the way for women in the mathematical sciences to have leading technical roles in the high-tech industry; for extraordinary leadership and mentoring on behalf of women in the mathematical sciences.

Alissa S. Crans, Loyola Marymount University

For mentoring and supporting women at Loyola Marymount and through EDGE, SMP, SPWM, and Project NExT; for her role in the Pacific Coast Undergraduate Mathematics Conference, recognized as an AMS Program That Makes a Difference.

Donatella Danielli, Purdue University

For her generous and consistent involvement in, and remarkable impact on, a large number of excellent local, national, and international initiatives to support interest and involvement of women in mathematics at all levels; and for remarkable, pioneering contributions positioning her as a role model for more junior mathematicians, particularly women.

Sarah J. Greenwald, Appalachian State University

For her creative and effective efforts to spark interest in mathematics among young people, especially girls; for her extensive contributions to advancing women in mathematics through writing, lectures and working with the AWM and other professional societies; and for her mentorship of students.

Leslie Hogben, Iowa State University and American Institute of Mathematics

For being an endless champion for women in mathematics for nearly 40 years; for her outstanding record of involvement in programs to promote equal treatment and equal opportunities for women and minorities in mathematics.

Fern Y. Hunt, National Institute of Standards and Technology

For her exceptional commitment to outreach and mentoring; for her sustained efforts to make the AWM organization more inclusive; for her service to higher education and government; and for inspiring those underrepresented in mathematics with her work in ergodic theory, probability, and computation.

Michelle Manes, University of Hawaii and NSF

For supporting research careers for women in mathematics through leadership in the WIN Network and AWM Advance Committees to enable the formation of research networks for women in many areas of mathematics.

Maura Mast, Fordham College at Rose Hill

For her sustained and deep contributions to promoting and encouraging the participation of women in the mathematical sciences through AWM, the Joint Committee on Women, the MAA, and through leadership in academia.

Eileen L. Poiani, Saint Peter’s University

For her sustained commitment to encouraging women and the underrepresented at all educational levels to pursue their study of mathematics to keep all career doors open; for founding MAA’s WAM: Women and Mathematics Lectureship Program; for leadership in Pi Mu Epsilon; and for fostering an appreciation for the power of mathematics.

Chi-Wang Shu, Brown University

For his exceptional dedication and contribution to mentoring, supporting, and advancing women in the mathematical sciences; for his incredible role in supervising many women Ph.D.s, bringing them into the world of research to which he has made fundamental contributions, and nurturing their professional success.

Karen E. Smith, University of Michigan

For her tireless support of women in mathematics; throughout her career, she has officially and unofficially mentored numerous female mathematicians at every level from undergraduate to full professor; she continues to be an incredibly strong role model for women everywhere.

Diane L. Souvaine, Tufts University

For sustained advocacy, support and mentorship of women and students underrepresented in STEM fields in mathematics and theoretical computer science at multiple scales, from impacting individual mentees and advisees, to creating deep and broad institutional cultural change.

Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck, Retired University of Texas at Austin, Visitor Institute for Advanced Study

For her groundbreaking and profound contributions to modern geometric analysis; for establishing a career as one of the greatest mathematicians of our time, despite the considerable challenges facing women when she entered the field; for using her experiences navigating these challenges to create and sustain programs to address them for future generations of women. For a lifetime of breaking barriers; and for being the first woman to win the Abel Prize.

Roselyn E. Williams, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

For her lifelong promotion of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and support of the EDGE Program; for her unwavering dedication to the National Association of Mathematicians; and for her unsung work to create AIM/ICERM’s REUF and the National Math Alliance.