The AWM Fellows Program

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) has named twelve mathematicians as 2024 AWM Fellows.

2024 Class of AWM Fellows

Erika Tatiana Camacho, University of Texas at San Antonio

For her leadership in the advancement, mentoring, and support of women and underrepresented groups at all levels through the creation of opportunities, collaborative research, and impactful service. Her work brings sustained systemic change, diversity, equity, and inclusion in mathematics, and more broadly in STEM.

Ellen Eischen, University of Oregon

For her outstanding leadership in support of women in mathematics; for her sustained efforts to create new research opportunities for women at conferences, including at APAW, AWM, WIN, and MSRI/SLMath; and for her innovative approach to creating diverse communities in math with an AWM reading room and math art exhibits.

Kathryn Hess Bellwald, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne

For her support of women in mathematics via innovative and impactful programs, including her role in founding and sustaining the Women in Topology program; for her exceptional mentoring; and for her commitment to gender diversity throughout her many leadership roles in the mathematics profession.

Michael Hill, University of California, Los Angeles

For being a consistent and vocal ally for women and nonbinary researchers; for his commitment to inclusion as part of the founding board of Spectra (the association for LGBT mathematicians); for being a founding editor of La Matematica and for his ongoing service to the AWM Mentor Network, and for working to make mathematics a welcoming and joyful place for all of us.

Christine Kelley, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

For initiating and continuing impactful efforts to encourage young women to pursue mathematics, including her instrumental leadership within the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics, and for her long record of mentoring, advising, and supervising women in mathematics.

Matilde Lalin, Université de Montréal 

For her ongoing contributions to the AWM, most notably her leadership role in the Women in Numbers Network and considerable contributions in its growth; her service to the International Mathematics Union Committee for Women; and for her ardent efforts towards making conferences more welcoming and accessible for researchers by actively advocating for childcare resources.

Emille Davie Lawrence, Black Achievement Success & Engagement, University of San Francisco

For her commitment to sharing her love of mathematics with girls, women, and underrepresented groups; for creating the blog “Math Mamas” and editing the book Living Proof whose goal is “to provide support and inspiration for mathematics students experiencing struggle and despair”, and for her extensive service to AWM, especially during its 50th Anniversary celebration.

Katharine A. Ott, Bates College

For immense dedication to outreach to girls and women, including directing GirlsGetMath at ICERM; supporting AWM through committees, grant-writing, the newsletter, and AWM’s USA Science and Engineering Festival booth; and leading award-winning tutoring and volunteering initiatives in Maine.

Margaret Maher Robinson, Mount Holyoke College

For her support and empowerment of several generations of women in mathematics; for her mentoring within the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference and the Carleton Summer Math Program; and for seeing the spark in each individual under her guidance and supporting them in the fulfillment of rewarding careers in mathematics.

Karen Saxe, Macalester College, American Mathematical Society

For her long-standing efforts with professional societies advocating for policies–notably at the federal level–to reduce barriers and further support women and others who have had limited access to STEM careers; for mentoring women at all career stages; and for program-building to recruit and retain women in the math research ecosystem.

Christina Sormani, Lehman College and CUNY Graduate Center

For utilizing every opportunity to open pathways to mathematics for more women and students by creating and maintaining online access to advice, mathematical resources, and information about women mathematicians; for organizing the “Inspiring Talks by Mathematicians” lecture series featuring under-represented speakers, and for her dedicated and active contributions to the AWM.

Suzanne L. Weekes, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

For her consistent and outstanding support for broadening the participation of women and girls as well as others that are underrepresented in mathematics; for her award-winning teaching and mentoring; and for her vision and success in co-creating and co-directing innovative programs that have improved and diversified the mathematics community.