AWM Service Award 2021


Emille D. Lawrence is recognized for her service as Chair of the 50th Anniversary Committee and her leadership role as Chair, since 2016, of the Mentor Network Committee and for her mentorship as Founding Faculty Sponsor of the AWM Student Chapter at the university of San Francisco. In all of these roles, Emille has worked to increase participation in the AWM by a diverse population of mathematicians at all stages of their careers.

The Mentor Network is a well run, outward-facing program which showcases AWM’s commitment to meeting women (and men) where they are. Students at all levels who are interested in mathematics or are pursuing careers in mathematics are matched with mentors based on common interests in careers in academics or industry, math education, balance of career and family, or general mathematical interests. As chair of the Mentor Network Committee, Dr. Lawrence liaises with our partner math institutes, creating a pipeline for mentors and mentees. She oversees and works to improve the program and facilitates mentor-mentee relationships as needed.

As chair of the AWM 50th Anniversary Committee, Emille Lawrence has led the planning of activities that will both celebrate AWM’s past and develop a vision for its future. These efforts have focused on involving the next generation in mathematics and creating a community where all are welcome and can thrive.

A gifted and successful leader, Emille has recently become chair of the Mathematics Department at the University of San Francisco. She has served as Founding Faculty Sponsor of the AWM Student Chapter at USF since 2017.


I am truly honored to be a recipient of an AWM Service Award. I hope that my contributions to the 50th Anniversary Committee and to the Mentor Network have had a positive and measurable impact on women in mathematics and, moreover, the mathematics community as a whole. This work could not have been done without a strong team, so I extend my sincere thanks to the members of each committee. I look forward to continuing my efforts of supporting the AWM mission of promoting women and girls in the mathematical sciences. Thank you once again for this recognition.