AWM Student Chapter Awards


The Executive Committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics established the Student Chapter Awards to be awarded annually each summer at MAA MathFest. The purpose of these awards is to recognize outstanding achievements in chapter activities among the AWM Student Chapters.

Awards will be given out in four categories:

  1. community outreach,
  2. fundraising and sustainability,
  3. professional development, and
  4. scientific excellence.

These awards are made possible by the generous donations of former AWM Executive Director Magnhild Lien. First awarded in 2018, these awards reflect Magnhild’s commitment to supporting women in mathematics by strengthening cohorts, research networks, and student chapters.

University of Texas, Austin

2023 Award for Fundraising and Sustainability

Nomination Period: April 1 – May 15 via the AWM Student Chapter Annual Survey.

Nominator: Any active AWM chapter may nominate itself. Check this list to see if your chapter is eligible!

Nomination: It’s easy to nominate your chapter for an award! Simply complete the AWM Student Chapter Annual Survey. In Section 2 (Student Chapter Activities), make sure to give detailed descriptions of your chapter’s activities (maximum 5000 characters for each nomination). Then, answer Yes to the question “Do you wish to nominate your chapter for a Student Chapter Award?”

All submitted materials become the property of the AWM.

Award Criteria: Student Chapter Awards will be awarded in up to four categories:

  • Award for Community Outreach: To reward a student chapter for its outstanding engagement with the local community. Such engagement could take the form of a mentoring program for grade school or high school students, a series of programs that highlight women in mathematics, or demonstrate the power and fascination of mathematics.
  • Award for Fundraising/Sustainability: To reward a student chapter for an innovative and successful funding model that provides financial support for its activities. This could include organizing review sessions prior to exams, soliciting support from local industry sponsors, writing proposals for university or government grants.
  • Award for Professional Development: To reward a student chapter for its recruitment and development of students’ professional involvement in mathematics. It could be for a mentoring program run by graduate students for undergraduates headed to graduate school. It could be for the development of a substantial program to prepare students for their next professional steps by giving talks, writing expository or research articles, inviting alumni and other speakers to discuss a range of professional opportunities in mathematics and related fields.
  • Award for Scientific Excellence: To reward a student chapter for organizing and hosting a scientific program of excellent quality in the form of a local conference or speaker series, or for its collaborative work with nearby industry or government organizations.

Nominee Requirements. Any active AWM student chapter may nominate itself.

Presentation of Award. Winners will be presented with their certificate at the MAA MathFest Ice Cream Social.

2023 Community Outreach: Western Ontario University
2023 Fundraising/Sustainability: University of Texas at Austin
2023 Professional Development: Rutgers University
2023 Scientific Excellence: University of Pittsburgh

2022 Community Outreach: University of California, Riverside
2022 Fundraising/Sustainability: University of Alabama
2022 Professional Development: Wake Forest University
2022 Scientific Excellence: Rice University

2021 Community Outreach: Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
2021 Fundraising/Sustainability: Rutgers University 
2021 Professional Development: University of California, San Diego
2021 Scientific Excellence: Virginia Tech

2020 Community Outreach: Texas A&M University
2020 Fundraising/Sustainability: University of Maryland
2020 Professional Development: Cornell University
2020 Scientific Excellence: Columbia University/Barnard College
2020 Scientific Excellence: The University of Utah

2019   Community Outreach: University of Kentucky
2019   Fundraising and Sustainability: Florida Atlantic University
2019   Professional Development: Colorado School of Mines
2019   Scientific Excellence: University of Houston

2018   Community Outreach: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2018   Fundraising and Sustainability: Florida Atlantic University
2018   Professional Development: Purdue University
2018   Scientific Excellence: University of Oregon

2017   Community Outreach: University of North Carolina
2017   Fundraising and Sustainability: University of Texas at Arlington
2017   Professional Development: Youngstown State University
2017   Scientific Excellence: Brown University

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