Sonia Kovalesky Lecture

2019 Lecturer: Catherine Sulem

The Dynamics of Ocean Waves 

Many aspects of mathematical analysis were originally motivated by the study of fluid dynamics; in particular, waves and currents in bodies of water. I will discuss how mathematical analysis combined with asymptotic theory and accurate numerical simulations contributes, in turn, to a better understanding of the dynamics of ocean waves both at the surface of the ocean and in its interior, in regular situations and in extreme events.
Catherine Sulem is a prominent applied mathematician working in the area of nonlinear analysis and partial differential equations. She has specialized on the topic of singularity development in solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLS), on the problem of free surface water waves, and on Hamiltonian partial differential equations. Her work on the subtle 1/√2tlog(log t) behavior of H1-solutions of the NLS at the singularity time resolved a major outstanding scientific question. Her book on the NLS is the central and most highly cited reference monograph in the field. Her continuing work on the problem of water waves, their time evolution, and their approximation by model dispersive equations is opening new territory, both in studies of wave propagation and in the analysis of the Euler equations.
This lecture was delivered at ICIAM 2019 in Valencia, Spain.