Student Essay Contest: 2010 Results

A message from the contest organizers: Due to a tenfold increase in participation in the AWM Essay Contest this year over previous years, the judging process for this contest was delayed. The contest organizers apologize for this delay.



  • 1st Place“Jan de Regt, Senior Systems Engineer Systems Engineering = How her mind works” By: Corinne Ducey, Smith College, Silver Spring, MD
  • Honorable Mention: “Mathematics in Finance: A Biography of Rachael Mangoubi” by: Daniela Guini, Harrington College of Design, Chicago, IL


  • 1st Place“Ms. Lynn Pippenger: Adding It Up from Accounting to Finance Executive” By: Honor Lucy Adamson Bailey, St. Petersburg High School, Largo, FL
  • Honorable Mention: “Dr. Sarah Wheelan: ‘I always wanted to be a writer’” by: Kelly Barbara Buckley, The Key School, Annapolis, MD


  • 1st Place“Math is More Than Just Numbers: Biography of Professor Jenny Baglivo” by: Ada Li, Walter S. Parker Middle School, Reading, MA

Some essays have been modified for posting on the AWM website.