Student Essay Contest: 2012 Results



  • 1st Place: “Prof. Araceli Medina Bonifant: A Rare Gem”: by Rose Mathews, Stony Brook University (SUNY), Stony Brook, NY. (The essay was about Dr. Araceli Medina Bonifant of Stony Brook University.)
  • Honorable Mention: “An Inspirational Actuary”: by Cheri Morris, Hampton University, Hampton, VA. (The essay was about Ms. Mischelle Schweickert of Kaiser Permanente.)


  • 1st Place: (Same as Grand Prize): “Dr. Mythily Ramaswamy: Making a Difference, One Equation at a Time”: by Gitanjali Lakshminarayanan, Vanguard High School, Ocala, FL. (The essay was about Dr. Mythily Ramaswamy of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Math Center in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.)
  • Honorable Mention“The Origin of Math-Teacher: a Biography of Shari DeRossett”: by Rebecca Frederick, Lakota West High School
    West Chester, OH. (The essay was about Ms. Shari DeRossett of Lakota West High School.)
  • Honorable Mention“Shelly Harvey: Knot your typical California Girl!”: by Anita Rao, Dawson High School, Pearland, TX. (The essay was about Dr. Shelly Harvey of Rice University.)


  • 1st Place: “A Life in the Circle: Tatiana Shubin, Ph.D.”: by Lilith Sarkar, Castillero Middle School, San Jose, CA. (The essay was about Dr. Tatiana Shubin of San Jose State University.)
  • Honorable Mention“Ms. Sheila Krilov: A Teacher’s Return”: by Flavia Sinha, Hunter College High School, New York, NY. (The essay was about Ms. Sheila Krilov of Hunter College High School.)
  • Honorable Mention“A Woman to Lead the Way”: by Nary Touch, Southwest Early College Campus, Kansas City, MO. (The essay was about Dr. Swati DebRoy of University of the Missouri Kansas City.)
Some essays have been modified for posting on the AWM website.