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Why Give?

AWM sponsors a wide variety of exciting programs that encourage girls and women to study mathematics and have active careers in the mathematical sciences. Your contribution will help these important programs continue and grow. Please show your support for women in mathematics by making a contribution now.

Conference of the Association for Women in Mathematics, Santa Clara University.

In addition to the Programs and Awards that we provide, AWM supports activities that seek to change the profession, to welcome more women at all levels and help to anchor them in the community. Our Policy and Advocacy work includes pushing for a Anti-Harrassment Policies at conferences, Advocating on the Hill, and supporting #TimesUp for Math. We also run subject-specific research networks to grow and expand the profession, and to put women in positions where they can move to leadership roles.

We also accept sponsorship from larger organizations!

Ways to Give

Donate Your Services. If you or someone in your family is a professional and is willing to donate special services to AWM (like pro bono legal, accounting, graphic design, web site, social media maintenance, etc etc) it is tax deductible! We always need t-shirt printing, brochures, swag, etc.

Make AWM your AmazonSmile Charity. AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support AWM every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you designate the Association for Women in Mathematics as your designated charity and then shop at, Amazon will donate a 0.5% of the purchase price to AWM.

Make a Monetary Donation. Support the specific programs that matter to you! Send a donation along with your dues, or join one of the AWM Giving Circles. Learn more about the AWM programs that impact women in mathematics and donate here.

More Ways to Give

  • α (alpha) Circle: $5,000+
  • β (beta) Circle: $2,500 – $4,999
  • γ (gamma) Circle: $1,000 – $2,499
  • λ (lambda) Circle: $500 – $999
  • μ (mu) Circle: $150 – $499
  • π (pi) Circle: $50 – $149

We thank all of our current individual donors, who are listed here.

AWM members who are 70½ years old or older can take advantage of an easy way to benefit the Association for Women in Mathematics and receive tax benefits in return. Visit our IRA Rollover Contributions page for more information.

Looking toward the future, one way to ensure the Association for Women in Mathematics continues to thrive and run the programs you value is to make a bequest in your will.

Bequests are accepted as unrestricted funds to support the mission of the Association for Women in Mathematics or funds dedicated to a specific program.

The following examples show how you can include your wishes in your estate planning:

Unrestricted Funds: “I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the Association for Women in Mathematics, (the sum of ___$) or (___ percent of my estate). This gift may be used to further the mission of the Association in such a manner as the AWM Executive Committee may direct.”

Restricted Funds: “I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to the Association for Women in Mathematics, (the sum of ___$) or (___ percent of my estate). This gift is to be used exclusive for [insert restricted use language here; for example list a specific program, prize, or award].

The Association for Women in Mathematics is a registered 501(c)3 organization, with Tax ID Number 23-735-4959. The AWM mailing address is P.O. Box 40876, Providence RI, 02904.

Please let us know if you have included the Association for Women in Mathematics as a beneficiary through your will. We would love to able to say “thank you” during your lifetime. We understand that you may change your plans at any time, so the notification is non-binding. We will keep your information strictly confidential unless you give us permission to publicly acknowledge your generosity.

AWM events can always use your help!

  • Sign up to be on AWM Committees!
  • At the Joint Mathematics Meeting, the SIAM Annual Meeting, and at MAA’s MathFest, AWM has a booth in the Exhibition Area. Volunteer to staff the booth, meet new members, talk to people about why AWM matters, and share the many opportunities for how others can get involved.
  • At the biennial AWM Research Symposium, volunteers are need to manage rooms and AV, help with registration, and even sell t-shirts! Planning to attend? Let us know if you will be able to help.

We are test driving an AWM volunteer portal where we have started to collect small projects that would benefit from some volunteer love! Check out the link and see if there are ways that you would enjoy using your talents to improve AWM, such as:

  • Converting word docs into LaTeX
  • Adapting AWM web content
  • Improving our student chapter outreach
  • Fostering AWM lunch tables at MAA sectional meetings as a way for women in to connect regionally

Questions? Contact the AWM Executive Director at

Direct Your Donations

When you donate to AWM, you can earmark your contribution to the following funds:

  • AWM Annual Giving Campaign. General funds are used to support all of AWM’s programing including awards, meetings, programs for students, developing resources, and advocacy.
  • AWM Endowment Fund. Donations are restricted funds, meaning only the investment earnings are available for expenditures.  These funds will be used to support AWM programs and operations.
  • AWM Mary and Alfie Gray Award for Social Justice. Donations support an award designed to reward the vigorous and imaginative application of the mathematical sciences to advancing the cause of social justice, defined as promoting a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity.
  • AWM Alice T. Schafer Prize Fund. Donations support undergraduate excellence in mathematics, including the annual Alice T. Schafer Prize.
  • David Randolph Adams Fund. Donations are used to support programs and activities that encourage broad participation of women in the mathematical sciences and more specifically, graduate students and early career mathematicians engaged in research related to Partial Differential Equations and Analysis.

If you wish your donation to be applied to an existing AWM program that is not listed here, please donate to the AWM Annual Giving Campaign and make a note in the comments field on the donation portal.

Donations are Tax Deductible

All contributions to AWM are deductible from federal taxable income when itemizing. Beginning in 2020, if you do not itemize, you can claim up to $300 in charitable deductions for cash gifts made to public charities; as of this writing, this a permanent deduction and will not expire. The Association for Women in Mathematics is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Our Tax ID Number is 23-735-4959.