Giving Circles Members

The AWM appreciates all those whose donations support our mission is to create a community in which women and girls can thrive in their mathematical endeavors, and to promote equitable opportunity and treatment of women and others of marginalized genders and gender identities across the mathematical sciences.

We extend a special thank you to AWM contributing members and donors, including those who prefer to remain anonymous.

This list reflects individual donations made July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.

α (alpha) Circle: $5,000+

One Anonymous Donation was made in support of the Mary and Alfie Gray Award for Social Justice and the Oral History with Mary Gray Documentary Project.

β (beta) Circle: $2,500- $4,999

γ (gamma) Circle: $1,000 – $2,499

Georgia Benkart
Ruth M. Charney
Amy Cohen (in honor of Lenore Blum and all the founding mothers of AWM)
Lucinda Ebert

Linda Hayden
Marta Lewicka
Melanie Kogan and Scott Mellis (in honor of Elinor Berger)
Gabriela Ortiz, Alphabet Inc. (in honor of Lenore Blum)

Professor Linda P. Rothschild*
Magnhild Lien*

Anonymous (1)

λ (lambda) Circle: $500- $999

Carl C. Cowen*
Professor Helmut Epp and Professor Susanna Epp
Dr. Edray Herber Goins*
Mary W. Gray*
Leslie Hogben
Professor Barbara Lee Keyfitz*
Kathryn Leonard
Gerald J. Porter
Audrey A. Terras
Dr. Carol S. Woodward*

Anonymous (1)

μ (mu) Circle: $150- $499

Matthew Ando
Dr. Sybilla Beckmann*
Professor Lenore Blum
Lori Anne Carlson
Giuliana Peterson Davidoff*
Nathaniel Eldredge
Dr. John Ewing*
Dr. Teena Meredith Gerhardt
Carolyn Gordon*
Fan Chung Graham
Judy and Paul Green
Deanna B. Haunsperger*
Nancy Hingston*
Erica Johnson
Linda Keen
Frances A. Key (in honor of Elinor Berger)
Brigitte Lahme
Dr. Suzanne Lenhart*
Professor Ling Long
Dan Margalit
Robin Marek (in memory of Babs Jemison Marek)
Greg Martin*
Professor Maria Cristina Pereyra*
Dr. Anna L. Mazzucato*
Professor Walter D. Neumann*
Charles Pierre (in honor of Dr. Mary Gray)
Harriet S. Pollatsek
Professor Bruce Reznick*
Professor Margaret M. Robinson*
Simon Salamon*
Sandra Spiroff
Dr. JoAnne Simpson Growney
Dr. Leslie A. Ward
Professor Sylvia M. Wiegand

Anonymous (2)

π (pi) Circle: $50 – $149

Dan Abramovich
Silviana Amethyst
Mrs. Kathleen J. Bavelas
Nancy Barbour (in memory of Dr. Robert Burton)
Dr. Sybilla Beckmann
Jake Berger (in memory of Elinor Berger)
Professor Joan S. Birman
Dr. Vrushali A. Bokil
Ron Buckmire
Bronna A. Butler
Professor Sue Ann Campbell
Linda M. Carlstedt
Professor Lenore J. Cowen
Pamela Coxson
Professor David B. Damiano
Dr. Alyson Laurene Deines-Schartz
Dr. John H. Ewing
Barbara Trader Faires, PhD
Frank A. Farris
Professor Lisa Fauci
Professor Ruth G. Favro
Annie Fetter
Kathy Foley (in honor of Patricia Foley)
Professor Gerald B. Folland
Professor Sharon Anne Garthwaite
Carolyn Gordon
Rebekah K. Grover (in memory of Elinor Ruth Evenchick)
Professor Judith V. Grabiner
Courtney Hauf
Professor Jane M. Hawkins
Professor Silvia Heubach
Nancy Hingston
Carol Howell (in memory of Lynne Walling)
Dr. Fern Y. Hunt
Professor Joan P. Hutchinson
Dr. Lynne Kamstra Ipina
Dylan Johnson
Dr. Jennifer J. Kaplan
Gulden Karakok
David Kilpatrick
Valerie King (in memory of Elinor Ruth Evenchick)
Susan Landau
Dr. Suzanne L. Larson
Professor John M. Lee
James Lepowsky
Professor Graham J. Leuschke
Dr. Martin Mandelberg, PhD (in memory of Wanda and Richard Hamming)
Greg Martin
Susan Christine Massey
Dr. Janet M. McShane, PhD
Susan Mello
Professor Janet E Mertz
Professor Walter D. Neumann
Bob Palais
Professor L. Alayne Parson
Elizabeth Ponce
Professor Eric Todd Quinto
Mary Beth Ruskai
Dell Sala (in memory of Elinor Ruth Evenchick, m. Berger)
Doris Schattschneider
Dr Kristen R. Schreck
Dr Rebecca Anne Segal
Emily Sergel
Richard Shaker
Nancy E. Shoemaker
Amelia Taylor
Professor Marie Angela Vitulli
Dr. Frank W. Warner III
Dr. Alice Charn Yew

Anonymous (15)

One anonymous gift was made in honor of Maryam Mirzakhani.

One anonymous gift was made in memory of Evelyn Sylvia.

σ (sigma) Circle: $1 – $49


Dr. Martha L. Abell
Dr. Linda J. S. Allen
Nitsan Ben-Gal
Yoshi Meke Bird
Thomas Blythe
Dr. Sylvia T. Bozeman
Professor David M. Bressoud
Skona Brittain
Dr. Allan P. Donsig
Mary K. Flagg
Dr. Elizabeth Anne Gillaspy
Dr. Meredith L. Greer
Matthew Haines
Dr. Raegan Higgins
Professor Peter G. Hinman
Frieda K. Holley
Emily Hoopes-Boyd
Pao-Sheng Hsu
Dr. Rhonda J. Hughes
Brenda L. Johnson
Dean Johnson
Dr. Joanna Kania-Bartoszynska
Avleen Kaur
Dr. Manmohan Kaur
Dr. Emelie A. Kenney
Chelsea Kincaid
Darla Kremer
Dr. Maura B. Mast
Stephen Mernoff (in memory of Elinor Berger)
James Morrow
Erin Murray
Dr. Perla Lahana Myers
Deborah Lynn Narang
Dr. Monica Nevins
Professor Judith A. Packer
Eunice Pepper
John Sebastian Rojas
Professor Jennifer Schultens
Esme A. Shaller (in honor of Stacy McGill of the Babysitters Club)
Rebecca Sharayera (in honor of Mrs. Jessica Herrmann)
Dr. Joseph Silverman
Judith B. Seery
Dr. James J. Tattersall
Mr. Stephen J. Tierney III
Ravi Vakil
Maya L. Vyas
Dr. Grace Wahba
Dr. Joan Wyzkoski Weiss
Martin Hillel Weissman
Maria Pia Younger
Nancy E. Zumoff

Anonymous (36)

One anonymous donation was made in memory of Elinor Berger.
One anonymous donation was made in honor of Lauren Occhipinti.
One anonymous donation was made in honor of Lindsey and Drew Lapour.