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The 19th Prairie Analysis Seminar will be held on November 3-4,  2023, at the campus of Kansas Sate University in Manhattan, Kansas. This seminar is the nineteenth in a sequence of yearly analysis meetings organized each fall by the Departments of Mathematics at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas. The goal is to provide an opportunity for scientific exchange and cooperation among analysts.
Two one-hour principal lectures will be delivered by Ovidiu Savin, Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Columbia University. Donatella Danielli, Professor and Director at the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences of Arizona State University, and Irina Mitrea, Professor at the Department of Mathematics of Temple University, will deliver accompanying one-hour lectures.
There will be time allocated for short contributed talks by participants. Priority will be given to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and those in early stages of their careers. Support for participants provided by the National Science Foundation will be available.
See details at math.k-state.edu/pas.