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The Analytic Number Theory and Arithmetic Statistics conference will take place at Centre de recherches mathématiques in Montréal, Canada August 26-30, 2024. This conference aims to celebrate Chantal David’s contributions to the field of analytic number theory and arithmetic statistics, as well as her investment towards the community as both a leader and a mentor. The meeting will be focused on David’s interests in analytic number theory, including statistics on elliptic curves, distribution of zeros of L-functions in families, and moments of L-functions.

The conference includes thirty 30-minute research lectures, as well as a 60-minute public lecture. One of the conference days will be titled “Successes of WIN.” The presenters of this day will be exclusively women who will report on work done in collaborations including other women, such as those collaborations that have taken place from the Women in Numbers (WIN) Research Network.

More information about the conference, including lodging and registration, can be found at: https://www.crmath.ca/en/activities/#/type/activity/id/3936.