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In the last decade or so, applied topology and algebraic geometry have come into their own as vibrant areas of applied mathematics. At the same time, ideas and tools from topology and geometry have infiltrated theoretical and computational neuroscience. This kind of mathematics has shown itself to be a natural and useful language not only for analyzing neural data sets, but also as a means of understanding principles of neural coding and computation. This workshop will bring together leading researchers at the interfaces of topology, geometry and neuroscience to take stock of recent work and outline future directions. This includes a focus on topological data analysis (persistent homology and related methods), topological analysis of neural networks and their dynamics, topological decoding of neural activity, evolving topology of dynamic networks (e.g., networks that are changing as a result of learning), and analysis of connectome data. Related topics may include the geometry and topology of deep learning, as well as low-dimensional projections of trained networks.

For more information see https://icerm.brown.edu/programs/sp-f23/w2/ or contact info@icerm.brown.edu.