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The Power of Diversity in Uncertainty Quantification (PoD UQ) Workshop will be held at SISSA, Aula Buinich in Trieste, Italy on February 26, 2024. PoD UQ is an event dedicated to welcoming young researchers, especially from under-represented groups, and making them acquainted with the overall topic of the SIAM UQ24 conference and with each other. The workshop is designed to facilitate researchers, in particular those who have been penalized more heavily by the three year pandemic we just exited, enter the Uncertainty Quantification arena.

PoD UQ will feature three 45 minute Overview Presentations by established researchers in the fields laying out the state of the art of UQ from the point of view of numerical analysis, statistics and modeling, and two 30 minute Spotlight Presentations on more specific topics. Each presentation will be followed by 15 minutes for questions, comments and general exchange of ideas.

For more information visit: http://go.sissa.it/siamuq24satelliteevent.