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ICERM Semester Workshop: Neural Coding and Combinatorics

ICERM at Brown University 121 South Main Street, Providence

Cracking the neural code is one of the longstanding questions in neuroscience. How does the activity of populations of neurons represent stimuli and perform neural computations? Decades of theoretical and experimental work have provided valuable clues about the principles of neural coding, as well as descriptive understandings of various neural codes. This raises a number [...]

19th Prairie Analysis Seminar

Kansas State University, Mathematics Department 1228 N Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Manhattan

The 19th Prairie Analysis Seminar will be held on November 3-4,  2023, at the campus of Kansas Sate University in Manhattan, Kansas. This seminar is the nineteenth in a sequence of yearly analysis meetings organized each fall by the Departments of Mathematics at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas. The goal is to [...]