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AWM’s Research Networks Program aims to establish research collaborations at conferences and AWM Workshops. These networks are spawned at Research Collaboration Conferences for Women (RCCWs), which are week-long conferences, held at mathematics institutes, where junior and senior women come together to work on pre-defined research projects. RCCWs are then expanded (and continue to expand!) to become Research Networks, including women working across a mathematical discipline.

The AWM Special Session at JMM  features  speakers from one of AWM’s Research Networks. The Research Network organizing the AWM Research Workshop at JMM has been selected two years prior to the conference. While there is not opportunity to join this speaker lineup just prior to the conference, we hope mathematicians working in the same field will attend the session to get plugged into this strong and growing community.

These opportunities to maintain and extend collaborations by continuing to connect a research community are recognized as key elements for furthering the research and careers of women in mathematics. Learn more about research communities, and how to join an existing network or start one!

Check the AWM Programs at JMM to meet the speakers and topics for this year’s workshop.

AWM is working to fix the leaky pipeline for women in mathematics by developing and delivering programming that supports women to become anchored in their field—often overcoming institutionalized infrastructures, behaviors, and beliefs—so that women can continue advancing in their career progression, and thereby increasing the number of women in the mathematical sciences at the highest levels.

As part of the AWM Joint Meetings Workshop there is a Poster Presentation and Competition. A team of judges will select the top poster.

As a graduate student poster session participant you will be preparing a poster on your research work to display at the workshop. Poster sessions are often crowded and busy, conditions which can make close viewing difficult. Therefore, your poster should be easily read from 3 to 4 feet, a distance that requires a character size of at least 3/8 inch high. In addition, each figure should have a large heading (1/2″ or 36 point) that clearly identifies the “point” of the figure. Any detailed information concerning the figure can be provided in a legend and at a smaller (but still legible) font. Remember, a casual viewer of your poster should be able to understand the poster without having to read the legend; the legend is strictly for those people who want to gain more detailed information about the figure. Tables should follow the same general layout as figures.

Application Period:  July 1 – August 15 annually at
  • Login to as a Program applicant (creating an account if you don’t already have one).
  • Using the menu bar across the top (or bottom) click on “Programs.”
  • Search through the list for the Association for Women in Mathematics (good, because you see what else there is to apply for!), or in the upper right search bar, search on “AWM JMM”.

AWM Reception and Awards Presentation: One of the social highlights of JMM is the AWM Reception and Awards Presentation, which will be held after the AWM Workshop Poster Presentations. In 2025 the reception will be held on Friday from 5:00 – 6:30 following the AWM Poster Session.  The 2025 class of  AWM Fellows, AWM Service Award winners, and all other AWM prize winners will be honored at this reception.

Joint Prize Session: The AWM Joan and Joseph Birman Research Prize in Topology and Geometry  (odd years), the AWM-Microsoft Research Prize in Algebra and Number Theory (even years) and the AWM Sadosky Research Prize in Analysis (even years), the Mary and Alfie Gray Award for Social Justice (odd years), the Louise Hay Award for Contribution to Mathematics Education, and the Gweneth Humphreys Award for Mentorship of Undergraduate Women in Mathematics at the Joint Prize Session.

There are many ways to get involved with AWM at JMM! Attend the AWM events to get further connected to the community of women in mathematics. Want to do more? Consider donating your time:

Nominate for the Noether Lecture! The lectureship may be awarded to anyone in the scientific or engineering community whose work highlights the achievements of women in applied or computational mathematics. Please see the Noether Lecture awards page for more information.

Volunteer to serve on the Noether Selection Committee! The AWM-AMS Noether Lecture prize committee reviews worthy candidates and makes recommendations for this prestigious award and Noether plenary speaker.

Volunteer at the AWM Booth! Will you be at a SIAM meeting? Volunteer to help staff the AWM booth! It is a great opportunity to get caught up on AWM activities and meet the community.

Encourage Grad Student Applications! Encourage grad students to apply for the Graduate Student Poster Session. AWM typically funds 12 women to present at the AWM Poster Session and to participate in the greater JMM meeting.

Volunteer to be a Poster Judge! If you will be at SIAM, consider volunteering to be a poster judge. AWM judges are excellent listeners and keen questioners who provide valuable constructive feedback to participants so that they can continue to improve presentations of their research.

Become a Mentor for the AWM Graduate Student Poster Session! Agree to attend the JMM Poster Session and Mentoring Luncheon during the AWM Workshop.  You will be assigned 2 -3 mentees to interact with at these events and help make the event a welcoming environment.

Suggest a Topic for the JMM Panel! The AWM panel at JMM is an event of broad interest to the greater mathematical community. The topic changes each year.  Please suggest a topic or volunteer to be a panelist. 

If you are interested in suggesting a topic or volunteering  for the JMM panel, email

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