AWM holds a series of events in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).  The AWM presence includes the following.

AWM Research Mini-Symposia: A two-part research session serving as a follow-up to one of the Research Collaboration Conferences for Women. The session features both junior and senior women speakers from one of the AWM Research Network. Speakers and organizers are funded through an NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences grant.

Graduate Student Poster Session: Through an NSF DMS grant, AWM funds about a dozen women to attend this SIAM workshop, pairing them with mentors, anchoring them to the larger applied math community, and inviting them to present their research at the judged AWM Poster Session.

Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture: AWM and SIAM established the annual Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture to highlight significant contributions of women to applied or computational mathematics. This lecture is given annually at the SIAM Annual Meeting.

Career Panel: This session is open to the public and features women from across academia, government and industry. The women speak about how they navigated their career trajectories and answer audience questions.

The AWM Exhibitor Booth: The AWM booth at SIAM serves as a focal point for sharing information about AWM programs, upcoming opportunities, and about informal gatherings during SIAM. The AWM booth also serves as a place for researchers to connect with old friends and friends they haven’t met yet!

Every four years the SIAM annual meeting is held internationally at the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM). During these years, the AWM workshop is held in conjunction with a domestic SIAM conference. See Archive below to see the schedule of events.

AWM Research Communities focus on establishing research networks for women by fostering research collaborations at conferences and AWM Workshops. These networks are spawned at Research Collaboration Conferences for Women (RCCWs), which are week-long conferences, held at mathematics institutes, where junior and senior women come together to work on pre-defined research projects. RCCWs are then expanded (and continue to expand!) to become Research Networks, including women working across a research field.

The AWM Research Workshop at the SIAM Annual Meeting is a 2-part session, featuring 8 speakers from one of AWM’s Research Networks. The Research Network to be supported as the AWM Research Workshop at SIAM has been selected two years prior to the conference. While there is not opportunity to join this speaker lineup just prior to the conference, we hope mathematicians working in the same field will attend the session to get plugged into this strong and growing community.

These opportunities to maintain and extend collaborations by continuing to connect a research community are recognized as key elements for furthering the research and careers of women in mathematics. Visit AWM Research Communities to learn more about research communities, and how to join an existing network or start one!

Check the AWM Programs at SIAM to meet the speakers and topics for this year’s workshop.

AWM is working to fix the leaky pipeline for women in mathematics by developing and delivering programming that supports women to become anchored in their field—often overcoming institutionalized infrastructures, behaviors, and beliefs—so that women can continue advancing in their career progression, and thereby increasing the number of women in the mathematical sciences at the highest levels.

The AWM Graduate Program at Research Workshops aims to better anchor graduate students in their field by (1) providing activities that emphasize ways in which careers in the mathematical sciences can provide opportunities for professional collaboration, (2) development of mechanisms for students to engage in mathematical sciences-related discussions with peers outside of the classroom, and outside of their home institutions, and (3) the development of local, regional, and national support networks for students to maintain in their graduate programs.

The Graduate Student Workshop at SIAM consists of four activities:

(1) The AWM Research Workshop: Attendance at the research-focused special sessions aids graduate students in understanding the greater context for their research, active research and open problems, as well as learning about the researchers (and just the research!), connecting women graduate students immediately to the larger network of research-active women. Common research interests are a strong foundation from which to begin a professional mentoring or collaborative relationship. Preference is given to graduate students working in the same field of research as the Research Workshop. For graduate students not working in the same field, AWM expects them to find a research session in their field to attend.

(2) The Mentoring Program and Luncheon: Participation in the mentoring program and luncheon provides both a formal structure for pairing mentors with mentees, as well as an informal, unstructured meeting time when mentor/mentee can converse. Graduate students are paired with mentors from their particular research field before the meeting and are encouraged to make contact so as to schedule time to meet with their mentor at the beginning of the meeting. Mentors are therefore better able to discuss and advise participants on research-related professional development and provide specific feedback regarding the student’s posters.

(3) The Graduate Student Poster Session: This portion of the workshops remains open to all areas of mathematics, but often includes a number of participants from the special session theme. This more focused and integrated approach fosters networking among participants in the selected topical theme, and allowing for further mentoring from women leaders in the field. The Graduate Poster Session is judged, with the prize being enrollment in a North American Mathematical Sciences Institute event with basic expenses paid. The Mathematical Sciences Institutes with the help of Dr. Leslie Hogben, AIM, and Dr. Ulrica Wilson, ICERM, Co-Chairs of the Mathematical Sciences Institute Diversity Committee will work with the recipient of the top poster award to find the best opportunity available for that poster presenter.

(4) The AWM Career Panel: The AWM career panel creates awareness of the breadth of career tracks, of which mathematics graduate students often have little exposure. Annually, there are more than 2 new math PhDs to each 1 academic position (which comes as a surprise to most students). Through the AWM career panel, students can choose to foster mentoring relationships with researchers and mathematicians in business, government and industry, either immediately or as they are preparing to enter the job market.

Application Period: October 1 – November 15, apply on

  • Login to as a Program applicant (creating an account if you don’t already have one).
  • Using the menu bar across the top (or bottom) click on “Programs.”
  • Search through the list for the Association for Women in Mathematics (good, because you see what else there is to apply for!), or in the upper right search bar, search on “AWM SIAM”.

Nomination Packet: A nomination packet should include:

  • A title of the proposed poster;
  • An abstract for the proposed poster (75 words or less);
  • A one to three-page letter of nomination from the applicant’s thesis advisor;
  • A curriculum vitae of the candidate not to exceed three pages.

All submitted materials become the property of the AWM.

Nominee Requirements: To be eligible for selection and funding, a graduate student must have made substantial progress towards her thesis. Women with grants or other sources of support are welcome to apply. All non-US citizens must have a current US address.

There are many ways to get involved with AWM at SIAM! Attend the AWM events to get further connected to the community of women in mathematics. Want to do more? Consider donating your time:

Nominate for the Kovalevsky Lecture! The lectureship may be awarded to anyone in the scientific or engineering community whose work highlights the achievements of women in applied or computational mathematics. Please see the Kovalevsky Lecture awards page for more information.

Volunteer to serve on the Kovalevsky Selection Committee! The AWM-SIAM Kovalevsky Lecture prize committee reviews worthy candidates and makes recommendations for this prestigious award and SIAM plenary speaker.

Volunteer at the AWM Booth! Will you be at a SIAM meeting? Volunteer to help staff the AWM booth! It is a great opportunity to get caught up on AWM activities and meet the community.

Encourage Grad Student Applications! Encourage grad students to apply for the Graduate Student Workshop and Poster Session. AWM typically funds 12 women to participate in the AWM Workshop, the greater SIAM Conference, and to present at the AWM Poster Session.

Volunteer to be a Poster Judge! If you will be at SIAM, consider volunteering to be a poster judge. AWM judges are excellent listeners and keen questioners who provide valuable constructive feedback to participants so that they can continue to improve presentations of their research.

Volunteer to be a Mentor! Graduate students are paired with mentors in their field, and are encouraged to connect informally during SIAM, and formally at the invited Mentoring Lunch. This is an awesome opportunity to meet with colleagues-to-be and be a sounding board for navigating early career issues.

Nominate for the Career Panel! The AWM career panel is an opportunity for women with careers across academia, government, business and industry to answer questions from the audience about everything from the mathematics they do to how they got their positions. 

If you are interested in volunteering or nominating for the career panel, email

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