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New! AWM-MAA Speaker List

The AWM-MAA Liaison Committee is beginning to put together a list of speakers !

To sign up as a speaker, fill out the googleform with:

  • basic info, including your MAA Section
  • the titles of 3 talks you would like to give (in person or virtually)
  • the audience for each talk
  • whether or not you’d be interested in giving a Living Proof-style inspirational talk

For more information, contact .

500 Women Scientists

500 Women Scientists is a grassroots organization created after the November 2016 election with a strong commitment to speak up for science and for women, minorities, immigrants, people with disabilities, and LGBTQIA.

The Request a Woman Scientist platform connects our extensive multidisciplinary network of vetted women in science with anyone who needs to consult a scientist for a news story, invite a keynote speaker or panelist for a conference or workshop, find a woman scientist to collaborate on a project, or serve as a subject matter expert in any capacity. Importantly, 500 Women Scientists is committed to diversity and inclusion, not just in our scientific fields, but in our society as a whole.