Regional Conferences

To maximize research productivity it is important for mathematicians to know the specialists in their field across the globe.  However, for branching out into new areas of mathematics, exploring other ways (other than research) of contributing mathematically to society, and for sustaining a healthy balanced life, it can be invaluable to have relationships with mathematicians who are in close geographical proximity.  These relationships have the potential for being closer, more casual and personal, and also have a lower bar for being formed.

Regional conferences serve to nurture relationships between mathematicians in close geographical proximity.  These conferences are particularly valuable for junior faculty planting roots in a geographic location.

We have been having a regional conference in Southern California for 10 years now and others are starting to take root in the Midwest, Texas and the Northeast. Don’t have one in your area?  Start one yourself!  They are inexpensive, easy to organize, and fun!  Organizing one can also provide you with visibility in your region.

Regional conferences can take many forms depending on your personal preferences and funds available.  If you think you might be interested in running one, feel free to contact Cymra Haskell,, for assistance, advice, or even just a sympathetic ear!

If you are organizing a regional conference (or any conference or event) please consider doing it in cooperation with the AWM.

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