AWM Research Communities

This program focuses on establishing research networks for women by fostering research collaborations at conferences and AWM Workshops.  These networks are spawned at Research Collaboration Conferences for Women (RCCWs), which are week-long conferences, held at mathematics institutes, where junior and senior women come together to work on pre-defined research projects.  The role of AWM is to expand the number and scope of the RCCWs and to organize a series of follow-up events and infrastructure to help sustain and grow the resulting networks.

The RCCW Committee serves as a starting point. Mathematicians interested in organizing the first conference of a new RCCW are invited to submit a proposal to the AWM describing the conference topic, potential co-organizers and project leaders, and potential participants.

Research Networks (RNs) are often organized by the initial RCCW participants (but anyone is welcome to organize one) and are intended to grow and support a community of researchers working in a common area. The Research Networks Committee (RNC) helps establish long-lasting research networks from Research Collaboration Conferences for Women (RCCW).

Each year, AWM Workshops at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings and SIAM Meetings bring together women from one of the Research Collaboration Networks to showcase their work and encourage continued collaboration and mentoring.  AWM also organizes biennial Research Symposia, with high-profile Plenary Speakers and Special Sessions in research areas linked to the Research Collaboration Networks.

Learn more about the program’s outcomes:

Former AWM Executive Director Magnhild Lien and AWM Past President Kristin Lauter after the opening ceremony of the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio, where they presented their work on the AWM ADVANCE Research Networks.