Student Chapter Logo Acceptable Usage

The Student Chapters logo has been designed to adhere to the AWM brand while illustrating the dynamic nature of the student chapters. To this end, the guidelines below must be followed.

Grayscale and Color Logos

The grayscale and color logos shown below are to be used as is.

Customizable Line Art Logo

The line art logo to the right may be adapted as follows:

  • The three people on the right side may be colored in to align with the colors of your institution or those adopted by your student chapter.
  • The name of the student chapter can be placed below the AWM logo. This will replace the text “Association for Women in Mathematics,” preferably in Open Sans 12 point font.

Any other changes or adaptations need to be approved by

Files to Download

A pdf of the above acceptable usage policy is available here and a zip file of the logos is available here.