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The AWM Newsletter contains informative articles, book reviews, and announcements of upcoming events of interest, as well as a broad range of ads including job announcements from academic, industry, and government organizations.

Electronic newsletters are available at the beginning of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

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Older issues can be found via our AWM Searchable Newsletter Archive.

  • Index of May, 1971 through May–June, 1988 (Issues 1(1)–18(3)) compiled by then Executive Director Lori Kenschaft
  • Index of July–August, 1988 through July–August, 1995 (Issues 18(4)–25(4)) compiled by Roya Jaseb

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Submission Guidelines

Articles, material for newsletter columns, and announcements are welcome.  The length is very flexible, although longer articles may be split into more than one issue.  Authors must obtain written permission for any material beyond fair use excerpted from other copyrighted sources.  The editors prefer plain text or a Word document.  Authors may also submit a pdf to clarify formatting. Articles may be lightly edited to match the newsletter style.

Authors for all Newsletter material except ads sign the Consent to Publish form, which grants AWM a license to publish the work. Authors retain their copyright and may use the work afterwards in any way they like, preferably with a citation to the newsletter issue in which the original appeared.

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