EvenQuads Gallery

Welcome to Gallery section of the EvenQuads deck! Browse pictures of honorees with their cards, students playing cards and social media mentions of the deck!

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Image contains the words EvenQuads, a fan of cards with portraits of female mathematicians, and a card fan with black symbols on a color background

JMM 2024 EvenQuads Special session

Below are some pictures from the EvenQuads Special Session at JMM 2024.

AWM Chapters and EvenQuads

Below are some pictures of different AWM chapters playing EvenQuads and the AWM table at JMM 2023.

Honorees and their cards

The EvenQuads honorees with their cards and sometimes even playing with the deck!

Media mentions of EvenQuads

Honorees mentioning the cards:

Ling Long has a link on her homepage: https://www.math.lsu.edu/~llong/

Artists of EvenQuads (Bronna Butler, Tiffany Ding, and Jenny Quinn):

Other Mentions

For∀LL, Saint Louis University: Bi-annual magazine https://drive.google.com/file/d/14oyp79jOzqiWGmTWB5GOIoOwOefpnPX-/view has the individual posters from the decks throughout the issue.

The Triad Math Teachers Circle played EvenQuads in Nov. 2021:
The International Mathematical Union’s Committee for Women in Mathematics lists us first in their galleries of math women portraits: