Name (last, first) Employer Research Area
Adaricheva, Kira Hofstra University Universal algebra, lattice theory, combinatorics, data analysis
Anderson, Sarah University of St.Thomas  
Araujo-Pardo, Gabriela Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico  
Benakli, Nadia New York City College of Technology, CUNY Graph Theory, Geometric Group Theory
Benson, Katherine University of Wisconsin-Stout  
Berikkyzy, Zhanar University of California, Riverside Graph theory and Combinatorics
Bjorkman, Beth Iowa State University Spectral graph theory, power domination
Blake, Heather Davidson College  
Bolkema, Jessalyn Harvey Mudd College  
Bong, Novi Herawati University of Delaware, Newark, DE  
Boutin, Debra Hamilton College Graph theory, distinguishing graphs, determining sets, automorphisms
Bozeman, Chassidy Mount Holyoke College  
Byers, Alexis Youngstown University, OH  
Catral, Minnie Xavier University  
Chung Graham, Fan University of California, San Diego  
Clarke, Nancy Acadia University Graph theory and Combinatorics
Cockburn, Sally Hamilton College  
Collins, Karen Wesleyan University Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, and Graph Theory
Eroh, Linda University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh  
Fasy, Brittany Terese Montana State University Computational Topology, Road Network Analysis
Faudree, Jill University of Alaska  
Ferrero, Daniela Texas State University-San Marcos Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
Flagg, Mary University of St. Thomas Zero forcing, Power domination, Graphs of algebraic structures
Furst, Veronika Fort Collins, CO  
Gosselin, Shonda University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  
Grood, Cheryl Swarthmore College Graph theory (minimum rank and zero forcing); Combinatorial representation theory
Haas, Ruth University of Hawaii at Manoa Combinatorics and Graph theory
Harris, Pamela Williams College Algebraic Combinatorics, graph theory, number theory
Haymaker, Katie Villanova University  
Hogben, Leslie Iowa State University and American Institute of Mathematics Graph theory, Spectral graph theory, Combinatorial matrix theory
Hogenson, Kirsten Colorado College Graph theory, extremal combinatorics, partially-ordered sets
Jacob, Bonnie National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology Graph theory, zero forcing, combinatorial matrix theory, power domination, intersections of graph theory with other fields/areas
Kelley, Christine University of Nebraska Coding theory (primarily graph-based codes and iterative decoding algorithms); applications of graph theory; design of graphs using algebraic and combinatorial techniques.
Keough, Lauren Grand Valley State University Extremal graph theory
Khera, Jessica Florida Atlantic University Graph theory, Analytic combinatorics
Kingan, Sandra Brooklyn College, CUNY Matroid Theory, Graph Theory, Algorithms, Network Science
Kirsch, Rachel George Mason University  
Lesniak, Linda Western Michigan University  
Loeb, Sarah Hampden-Sydney College Graph Theory, Extremal Graph Theory
Lorenzen, Kate Iowa State University Spectral graph theory, graph coloring, combinatorial matrix theory
Matthews, Gretchen Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University  
Mayer, Carolyn Worcester Polytechnic Institute  
McDonald, Jessica Auburn University  
Messinger, Margaret-Ellen Mount Allison University  
Nastase, Esmeralda Xavier University  
Novick, Beth Clemson University Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
Oellermann, Ortud University of Winnipeg Graph Theory with focus on distance parameters (including the metric dimension and its variants and Steiner distance), connectivity, and connections between local and global properties in graphs.
Osaye, Fadekemi Alabama State University Graph Theory, Distances in Graphs
Perry, Katherine University of Denver  
Reinhart, Carolyn Iowa State University Spectral Graph Theory, Graph Search Games
Rombach, Puck University of Vermont  
Seyffarth, Karen University of Calgary  
Trenk, Ann Wellesley College  
Walker, Shanise University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire  


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