This page is devoted to the research and activities of Women in Math Biology (WIMB).

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The “Women in Math Biology” community started from a series of workshops starting in 2013, with information below.

We want to feature women in math biology, on this site you will find research, related to math biology, the proceedingsrelated to WIMB workshops, and
scholarly activities both past and future.

Please add your information to our people page, and find a list of women in math biology, including possible presentation speakers, collaborators, and mentors near you.

If you would like to join the Women in Mathematical Biology group listserv, email Questions? Email



WhAM!  Women in Dynamical Systems applied to Mathematical Biology at the IMA, September 2013


WhAM!  Women in Math Bio, NIMBIOS, June 2015


Women Advancing Mathematical Biology (WAMB)  Understanding Complex Biological Systems with Mathematics, MBI, April 2017, link to MBI YouTube video.

IPAM Group Pic

“Collaborative Workshop for Women in Mathematical Biology, June 2019”


June 20-24, 2022