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Using Mathematics to Understand Biological Complexity: From Cells to Populations (2021)

  • Reports on current collaborative research in mathematical biology
  • Showcases how mathematics is used to solve a variety of specific problems originating in biology and medicine


Understanding Complex Biological Systems with Mathematics  2018 (from work at WIMB in 2017 )

  • Addresses a variety of applications in the biosciences, including disease spread, cancer, and flow of fluids in organisms
  • Tackles significant biological and medical questions through mathematical models to understand complex system dynamics
  • Illustrates results using numerous, color figures, tables, and images

Women in Mathematical Biology: Research Collaboration Workshop, NIMBioS, Knoxville, June 2015

  • Offers an introductory glimpse at recent research in mathematical biology
  • Includes research and review articles on a wide range of topics and applications
  • Perfect for students interested in doing research in quantitative modeling and analysis in the life sciences

ima book

Applications of Dynamical Systems in Biology and Medicine

  • Showcases original research conducted on the biological and medical application areas with links to dynamics and control
  • Articles written by and based on research conducted by teams of women mathematicians
  • Covers a wide range of computational approaches to dynamical problems in biology and medicine



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