Name Institution Research interests
Fleurianne Bertrand University of Twente Numerical analysis, (mixed) finite element methods, a posteriori error estimates, applications to computational mechanics
Susanne C. Brenner Louisiana State University Numerical analysis, finite element methods, multigrid methods, domain decomposition methods
Vrushali A. Bokil Oregon State University Computational electromagnetics, numerical methods for PDEs, mathematical biology and epidemiology
Camille Carvalho University of California, Merced
Aycil Cesmelioglu Oakland University Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, discontinuous Galerkin and finite element methods, fluid flow and multiphysics problems
Zheng “Leslie” Chen University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth High order numerical methods, including discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods, Spectral methods, etc; Numerical methods for kinetic theory, stochastic differential equations, and problems with singularities; Multiscale computational methods; High performance computing
Yingda Cheng Virginia Tech Discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods, deterministic numerical methods for kinetic equations, high order numerical methods for Hamilton-Jacobi equations, Sparse grid methods for high-dimensional PDEs
Gelonia Dent Brown University Computational and statistical modeling of applied and social sciences
Bo Dong University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Discontinuous Galerkin methods, HDG methods
Di Fang Duke University Applied and numerical analysis, non-adiabatic dynamics, quantum algorithms, quantum computation
Marina Fischer Heinrich-Heine-University
Brittany Froese New Jersey Institute of Technology Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, optimal transport, viscosity solutions, beam shaping, seismology
Irene M. Gamba University of Texas at Austin Applied and computational analysis, mathematical and statistical physics, non-linear kinetic and partial differential equations
Adrianna Gillman University of Colorado Boulder Numerical PDEs, numerical linear algebra, fast direct solvers, fast multipole method
Sigal Gottlieb UMass Dartmouth Numerical Analysis, scientific computing,  numerical methods for hyperbolic PDEs:  time stepping, strong stability preserving methods, weighted essentially non oscillatory methods
Monica Morales Hernandez Adelphi University Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, finite element methods and Finite difference methods
Thi-Thao-Phuong Hoang Auburn University Numerical methods for PDEs, scientific computing, domain decomposition methods, local time-stepping, porous medium applications, ocean modeling
Cuiyu He University College London Adaptive mesh refinement, a posteriori error estimation, unfitted finite elementi methods, shape optimization
Jingwei Hu University of Washington Numerical methods for kinetic equations and related problems in multiscale modeling and simulation
Baasansuren Jadamba Rochester Institute of Technology Numerical analysis of PDEs, parameter identification in biological models, computational optimization, inverse problems, finite element methods, stochastic equilibrium problems, variational inequalities
Jiahua Jiang University of Birmingham Reduced order modeling, uncertainty quantification, inverse problem, image processing, discontinuous Galerkin methods
Elizabeth Kam Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Computational aeroacoustics, computational fluid dynamics, thermoacoustics, finite-difference lattice Boltzmann method, Navier-Stokes equations, numerical methods
Chiu-Yen Kao Claremont McKenna College Shape optimization of eigenvalue problems, numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations, math biology, fast sweeping methods, level set methods, scientific computing, and numerical analysis
Lilia Krivodonova University of Waterloo Numerical Analysis, scientific computing, hyperbolic conservation laws, discontinuous Galerkin methods, GPU-computing, adaptive methods, limiters
Fengyan Li Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Finite element methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, high order methods for Maxwell equations, MHD equations, Hamilton-Jacobi equations and kinetic models; multi-scale simulations; reduced order modeling
Tongtong Li Dartmouth College Numerical analysis, finite element methods, interaction of fluid flow and poroelastic media, data assimilation, sea ice modeling
Enkeleida Lushi New Jersey Institute of Technology Mathematical modeling in complex fluids and biological physics, numerical methods for fluid-structure interactions and micro-scale hydrodynamics
Lina Ma Trinity College Scientific computing and numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, molecular dynamics, complex fluids modeling, coarse-grained models for biological systems, spectral methods, electromagnetic and acoustic scattering, spherical harmonics analysis
Sandra May TU Dortmund University Numerical analysis, scientific computing, finite volume and discontinuous Galerkin schemes, hyperbolic conservation laws, cut cell methods, PDE-constrained optimization
Lin Mu University of Georgia Finite element methods, discontinuous Galerkin methods, weak Galerkin finite element methods, fast solver for numerical partial differential equations
Minah Oh James Madison University Numerical linear algebra, finite element methods, axisymmetric problems
Malgorzata Peszynska Oregon State University Numerical analysis and large scale scientific computing; flow and transport in evolving and deforming domains; problems with memory, hysteresis, free boundaries and phase transitions; multiscale and hybrid modeling in porous media
Sara Pollock University of Florida Numerical analysis of PDEs, scientific computing, efficient numerical methods for nonlinear problems, regularization, adaptive finite element methods, goal oriented methods, adaptive multiscale methods
Jingmei Qiu University of Delaware High order methods and multi-scale methods for kinetic and hydrodynamic problems
Annalisa Quaini University of Houston Finite element methods, computational fluid dynamics, multiphysics problems
Beatrice Riviere Rice University Numerical methods for PDEs, scientific computing, porous media, computational fluid dynamics, mathematical biology
Jennifer Ryan KTH Royal Institute of Technology Numerical analysis, scientific computing
Devina P. Sanjaya University of Tennessee, Knoxville Computational fluid dynamics, mesh adaptation and optimization, finite-element methods, error estimation, scientific computing and numerical analysis
Katharina Schratz Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, dispersive equations, high frequency problems
Natasha S Sharma University of Texas at El Paso Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, mathematical modeling
Farjana Siddiqua University of Pittsburgh Numerical analysis, scientific computing, computational fluid dynamics, data science, mathematical modeling
Vrushaly Shinglot University of Texas at Dallas Nonlinear waves, numerical analysis, numerical linear algebra, optimization, dynamical systems, functional analysis
Svetlana Tlupova Farmingdale State College, SUNY Computational fluid dynamics, boundary integral methods, fast summation methods, domain decomposition methods
Shanyin Tong Columbia University Uncertainty quantification, PDE-constrained optimization, optimization under uncertainty, inverse problems and rare event
Tabea Tscherpel Technical University of Darmstadt Numerical analysis, finite element methods, partial differential equations, incompressible fluid equations
Chunmei Wang University of Florida Numerical partial differential equations, finite element methods and superconvergence, weak Galerkin finite element methods, inverse and imaging problems, nonlinear optimization, high performance computing and domain decomposition
Li Wang University of Minnesota Numerical methods, applied analysis, and mathematical modeling for conservation laws, kinetic theory, quantum mechanics, fluid dynamics and social science
Wei Wang Florida International University High order numerical methods, multiscale discontinuous Galerkin methods for quantum semiconductor device simulations, computational fluid dynamics
Anastasia B. Wilson Augusta University Numerical methods for porous media flow problems, modeling and analysis of problems in filtration and separations, simulation based optimization
Mengying Xiao University of West Florida Numerical analysis, partial differential equations, finite element methods
Jue Yan Iowa State University Discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods, positivity-preserving methods for compressible flow, computational methods in biology applications
Yunan Yang Cornell University Numerical analysis, inverse problems, optimization for nonlinear problems, optimal transport, and machine learning
Lu Zhang Rice University Numerical analysis, scientific computing, discontinuous Galerkin methods, high-order summation-by-parts finite difference methods, partial differential equations, inverse problems, and machine learning

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