The AWM Fellows Program

I am very happy to announce the 2022 list of new AWM Fellows. We recognize these individuals for their exceptional dedication to increasing the success and visibility of women in mathematics. Please join me in honoring the 2022 AWM Fellows at the virtual AWM Reception and Awards Presentation on Friday, April 8, 2022, from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Pacific Time.

 Kathryn Leonard, AWM President

2022 Class of AWM Fellows

Carme Calderer, University of Minnesota

For being a role model nationally and internationally due to her outstanding research contributions in the mathematics of materials; for her long record of mentoring, advising, and supervising women in applied mathematics; and for her leadership role in the mathematics community by organizing conferences, workshops, and thematic years.

Debra Carney, Colorado School of Mines

For her extraordinary support of women in the mathematical sciences through personal mentorship and leadership of her local AWM chapter; and for community outreach activities that have had lasting and positive impacts on the lives of women and girls ranging from high school students to faculty members.

Daniela Ferrero, Texas State University, San Marcos

For sustained and impactful mentoring of young women and underrepresented minorities in mathematics; for leadership in creating research opportunities for women in graph theory through the Women in Graph Theory and Applications Research Network; and for promoting the inclusion and visibility of women through organizing conferences and other professional service.

Pamela E. Harris, Williams College

For exceptional leadership in establishing programs and mentoring networks that support, encourage, and advance women and underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences; and for contributions through public speaking that create positive systemic change in the culture and climate of the mathematics profession.

Anita Layton, University of Waterloo

For championing equity initiatives in Canada and the US, including grassroots efforts to improve the climate for faculty and institutional efforts to promote diversity and inclusion; for leadership in Research Collaboration Conferences for Women in mathematical biology; and for public communication of issues around gender equity in research science.

Teri Perl

For amazing and tireless efforts over five decades to promote women in mathematics and related fields; particularly, for co-founding what we now know as Expanding Your Horizons, her biographies of women mathematicians, and her influential role in The Learning Company, which have together inspired generations of women and girls.

Jennifer J. Quinn, University of Washington Tacoma

For her outstanding achievements as a teacher, mentor, leader, expositor, and editor; for her pioneering service as AWM executive director; and for continued service as AWM volunteer and supporter.

Beatrice Riviere, Rice University

For her important contributions to numerical analysis, scientific computing and modeling of porous media; for her exemplary mentorship and supervision of women in applied and computational mathematics; and for her distinguished record of service and outreach.

Lauren L. Rose, Bard College

For broad efforts in the professional development of women in mathematics, especially undergraduate women; for her commitment to involving people from diverse communities in mathematics, through Math Circles and outreach in prisons; and for her creative contributions to the AWM including the We Speak Series and the Card Project.

Mary Beth Ruskai, University of Vermont

For championing the cause of women and girls in science through AWM; and for serving as a voice of reason and a call for change through articles and discussions that illuminate the challenges facing women in mathematics and science.

Renate Scheidler, University of Calgary

For her vision and role in founding the Women in Numbers Research Network; for her continuing leadership in that research community; and for impactful work mentoring women at all career stages.

Bianca Viray, University of Washington

For her leadership and support of women and girls in math through her work on Girl’s Angle, the Women In Numbers research network, the Noetherian Ring, the Western Algebraic Geometry Symposium, and for launching new and impactful mentoring programs.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Yanik, Emporia State University

For extraordinary sustained outreach efforts to precollege women and girls, especially underrepresented populations, through conferences and summer programs; for service on AWM’s Executive and Education Committees; and for nearly two decades of organizational leadership, serving as president of Women and Mathematics Education and as director of the Women and Mathematics Network.